Shops – Getting Started & Next Steps

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Why Tea Shops are Growing Rapidly

Experience the taste of Japanese tea from the comfort of your home. The Japanese tea is loved by many, its quality never disappoint. We, Kettl, the leading Japanese tea company, work all day and night to bring the best of the Japanese tea. We keep our promise, the same taste today, tomorrow and forever.

Unbox the finest sencha, matcha, and Gyokuro and enjoy the real taste of natural tea from Japan soil. No additives, no chemical, it is pure tea prepared for you. Our products meet both local and international standards, feel free to buy them from any location. We you buy any of our brand you are buying the tea that makes a difference in people life across the globe.

We are the only tea company that give you the real taste of Japanese tea. Our basket of goods is ever full, choose your brand now. If you have not tried any of our products the right time is now. We sell from all stores, both local and international. We are global. If your shop does not have our products, feel free to place an order. We have an interactive shipping process that keeps you posted on the progress of your cargo.

What brand to you prefer most? Kettl Houjicha, Sacha, matcha, Karigane or Sencha, each is priced as per your financial muscle. It is no doubt we manufacture the tea loved by many in the world, and this gives us the power to produce more and more each day. We price our products as per the brand. We manufacture tea for all. Whether a millionaire or not we have the best product for you. Buy one and taste the difference.

Our tea is pure natural. We believe in our farmers whom we have selected to maintain and collect the best tea. Once the tea is harvest we instantly transport it for processing. No delay, everything process is done on time and in a professional manner. We never leave anything to chance, we do everything possible on our side to give you the best flavour.

Today we are the best Japanese tea, tomorrow and forever we will continue to uphold our reputation. The best gift you can gift us,the japanese tea company, is your continuous and unwavering loyalty today and tomorrow and forever. As it has been before, we will continue to work with the best and most trusted experts, farmers, and companies to offer you unwavering services and products.

Welcome to Kettl tea company. It is our tea, let us promote it. It is your loyalty that has made us who we are