Western Barbeque Party Ideas

While a barbeque can be a party all by itself, having a Western-themed barbeque offers guests an opportunity dress up, line dance and listen to their favorite country music. Because you can find grills in, or transport them to, all types of locations, you can throw your party almost anywhere. After eating a satisfying meal, guests can socialize, play card games or participate in contests.


Backyard BBQ

Decorate your backyard for a Western barbeque with red-and-white-checkered tablecloths topped with tin can cacti centerpieces. Send out invitations announcing guests are “wanted” for a Western-themed party. Download some of your favorite country music and clear out an area in the backyard where guests can dance. If your party is going to head into the evening, hang lights around the backyard. In addition to barbeque, serve an assortment of salads, beef jerky and pies.

Farm BBQ

Invite your friends to the farm for a good old-fashioned Western-style cookout. Depending on the size of the party, provide meat for everyone or have guests bring their own. In keeping with the Western theme, serve the food buffet-style from the back of a chuck wagon or pickup truck. After everyone has eaten, organize a variety of games for guests to play, such as a lasso competition, sack races and horseshoes. Split the group into teams by passing out plastic badges and bandannas to separate the good guys from the bad guys, then have a Western showdown between the teams. If there’s a tractor on the property, guests can go for a hayride and get a tour of the farm.

Camping BBQ

Look for campgrounds in your area. Invite your guests to come out for a Western BBQ, and offer them the opportunity to bring a tent and stay the night. While many campgrounds provide grills, you do need to bring your own charcoal. Purchase ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs and any other meats for guests, and bring a cooler filled with alcoholic beverages (if permitted in the campground), soda and water. Ask guests to wear cowboy hats and bandannas. Once everyone has eaten, organize a Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament. For those who don’t want to play poker, stage a line dancing competition with your favorite country western music.