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How to Make Your Buck Party a Blast While Staying Safe

Organizing a buck party can be rather challenging, especially with a lot of guests whom you would like to impress. One thing you have to take note of though is that this is not going to be about you or what makes you happy. You may enjoy nude women and unlimited alcohol, but if the buck doesn’t, then things can easily turn into a disaster.

So how do you make sure the party will rock but not cause any trouble? There’s no telling for sure, but the following basic tips can be your starter kit:

The Guests

Always pick activities for the party based on the people who will be coming. If you’ll be inviting older men, for example, keep their entertainment in mind as you make plans.

Ice Breaker

As there will probably be a lot of people not having met before, you should have some type of ice-breaking activity before kicking off the party. You can do it any way you want, but a common choice is having each person introduce themselves and talk about their relationship with the couple.

The Alcohol

As alcohol is usually, if not always, a large part of buck parties, it should have an entire section dedicated to it. There’s nothing special to say, however, except that you need to make sure that things start slow. You don’t want people getting drunk and not making it even halfway through the night.

Dare Games

If you’re inclined to throw in some dare games into the “program,” go ahead and do it. But remember that these things can quickly spiral out of control, so make sure everyone is up for the idea right from the start.

Staying Connected

Being the organizer of the party, you should have your mobile phone with you all throughout the night. You may be no more than a tiny bunch of people going about town, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get separated as the night wears on. Keeping everyone close won’t be such a feat if you have your phone with you. Besides, you don’t need that kind of distraction.

The Bride and the Groom

If you plan to play some kind of trick on the groom, make sure he can take it. Pre-wedding jitters and stress can seriously eat humour away, and you may end up with the very thing you wanted to avoid – a disaster. It’s not something you should be surprised with.

Regardless of the details of your plans, just keep the above pointers in mind. Most importantly, be easy on the groom. He’s got a wedding to attend!

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