Ideas for Healthy Food to Sell in Primary School Tuck Shops

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The term “tuck shop” refers to a small commissary or canteen within a school. These shops are popular in primary schools throughout the world, and were typically associated with sweets snacks, chips and other junk food. Childhood obesity, however, has prompted many school boards and local governments to change tuck shops from sweet stops to healthy havens.

Whole Wheat Snacks

Packages of whole wheat pretzels and crackers are a healthy alternative to chips and greasy cheese puffs. Whole wheat crackers provide fiber to aid a healthy digestive system, and have less fat and salt than a bag of chips.

Dried Fruit

Accepting cucumber slices in place of chocolate bar is tough for any kid. Dried fruit offers a healthy, sweet snack with fiber and vitamins. Packages of raisins, dried mango, dried cranberries and freeze-dried strawberries are all tasty and nutritious tuck shop options.

Nutrition Bars

Most health food companies make a child-friendly nutrient bar. Using whole grains, dried fruit and a few decoy chocolate chips, these bars offer fiber, protein and yummy goodness. Popular kid-friendly flavors to consider include peanut butter, brownie and chocolate chip.

Veggie and Fruit Dippers

Veggie sticks with attached compartments of dressing or peanut butter encourage kids to eat their veggies while dipping. Many companies make packages of baby carrots with low-fat ranch dressing or celery with peanut butter. Fruit dippers such as apples and caramel, or apples and peanut butter are another way to encourage children to eat fresh fruit.