How to Throw a Halloween Themed Birthday Party

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If your child’s birthday falls in the month of October or very early November, consider throwing him a Halloween themed birthday party. You’ll save money on birthday party decorations when you use Halloween decorations that you already own. You’ll also help others get more use out of Halloween costumes that are typically only worn once during the season.

Plan Halloween themed food. There are many creative ways to give your party’s food a spooky twist. Cupcakes that look like witches, caramels that look like spiders and cookies that look like ghosts are a few ideas. Let your child help decide which recipes to make for her birthday party.

Choose a Halloween themed cake. No birthday party is complete without a birthday cake. Order a Halloween themed birthday cake from your local bakery or make one yourself. There are a wide variety of Halloween themed cake pans available for purchase online at Shop Baker’s Nook (see Resources below). Choose from pumpkins, ghosts, fall leaves and jack-o-lanterns.

Keep decorations simple. The biggest perk of throwing a Halloween-themed birthday party is that you probably already own a few seasonal decorations. In addition to the decorations you already own, make a few simple and inexpensive decorations to make the party special. Drape your tables with orange table cloths to give the room a festive feel. Set up your Halloween themed food and scatter a few plastic spiders, bats and bugs across the tables. At the end of the party, let the children choose a few plastic critters to take home as party favors.

Organize party games. When it comes to Halloween-themed birthday parties, the possibilities for party games are almost limitless. Have a costume contest and award prizes for the scariest, funniest, cutest and most original costumes. Provide each child with a small pumpkin and tempera paint and have a pumpkin painting contest. Set up Halloween game stations around the house and put on your own mini-Halloween carnival. The children can rotate through stations and participate in classic games such as bobbing for apples, fishing for prizes and tossing bean bags at a target.