Barbeque Party Food Ideas

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If you are throwing an outdoor party, one of the best kinds can be a classic backyard barbeque. But, to hold a barbeque party you’ll need more than just decorations. You’ll need food. To prepare a great feast for friends and family to enjoy, start early and jot down some party food ideas. Make a list of the foods you and your guests like, and plan to have as much food as possible prepared ahead of time so you can enjoy your company.


Most guests enjoy being able to mingle and nibble food while they socialize. Most appetizers you can make the night before, making your job as host that much easier. Think about preparing deviled eggs with paprika sprinkled on top, serve chips and bean dip, or make potato skins filled with cheese and bacon or sour cream and chives. Another simple appetizer is to chop cucumbers and tomatoes into cubes and add some oil and vinegar. Just be sure to offer some sweet tastes as well as some sour.

Main Dishes and Sides

The most anticipated food will be the main dishes. Delight your guests by making classic dishes such as ribs, pulled pork, barbeque chicken or hot dogs. You can also put a new spin on the old hamburger by inserting cheese inside the hamburger patty before it’s cooked. Once on the grill you have instant cheeseburgers. Be sure to supply a variety of condiments for your guests such as ketchup, mustard and onions, but you can also set out different barbeque sauces to be sampled.

To go along with the main dishes, don’t forget to serve a variety of sides. Consider serving up coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, pasta salad or fruit salad. When it comes to vegetables there’s no reason to let the grill get cold. Try grilling corn in the husk, or cut hearty vegetables such as zucchini, squash or even eggplant into thick slices. Grill the slices just as you would a hamburger.


After the main course you’ll want to give your friends a sweet treat to top the party off. If you want to go beyond the standard cake and ice cream, offer them chocolate dipped strawberries, or ice cream sandwiches made from chocolate chip cookies. You can also heat things up with a fruit tray and chocolate fondue.